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I Dream of Africa...
Caity may be going to Africa in summer 2010.  She'll be old enough to fly by herself then.  She will. I am going to keep telling myself that over and over till it comes true.  I want to go too.  *Pitches fit*

Writer's Block: Take Your Chances
Do you think people deserve second chances?
Yes, almost always.

THe flowers are planted!
It's not merely spring.  It's spring with FLOWERS!  My garden is planted at OAT.  It looks adorable.  I can't wait for flowers to come up.  Did I already mention this before?  I dunno.  But I am well pleased.  Flowers are God's way of letting us know He loves us.

Spring has Sprung!
It is spring.  Rather, it is SPRING!  I planted flowers today in celebration of this fact.  I can't wait till they all start popping up in the garden.  Meanwhile, I need mulch.  Just a couple of bags of it.  We shall see what wheedling can do for me.

Going to Heaven in a Jesus Car
So, Amina came by today with her little 4 year old.  He was very shy at first, then became a bundle of questions as only 4 year olds can be.  And he was listening with his little ears just as hard as he could.  We were talking about our days at the studio (we missed each other by a few months it seems), and I mentioned that when my mother died, they people at the studio made me a spirit house to commemorate the occasion.  Luke asked me how my mother died.  After glancing at his mother for approval, I told him that she'd had a bad thing in her head that made her die.  He then asked if his mother would die.  After another glance, I told him that one day a long long time from now, when he was old and had children of his own, and they had children of their own, that she would one day die.  Then he asked where my mom went after she died, and I told him she went to heaven.  He wanted to know how she got to heaven.  In exasperation, I finally told him that she went to heaven in a Jesus Car to be with Him.  Then he asked where the leaves in my fireplace came from.

Full of Awesome
Well, I was very productive last week and threw my little brains out.  This week not so much.  I have aches and pains all over me bod.  BUt last week?  Full of awesome.  I created more stuff than I have in a long time.  I love the spikey teapot I made, but the handle keeps coming off.  I wet it down today and dried out the handle and put a wet towel over the whole works to see if that would help.  I'll post pictures if it works out.  If not, it will be another piece for my garden.

Free Range Chicken
Some teachers treat kids like free range chicken.  They peck around in general freedom, but with a bit of guidance.  It works.  THey may not be the most strictly behaved children in the bunch, but they ARE the most imaginative.  The kids who have been verbally smacked into place- not so much.  Sure they are well-behaved, but they also don't feel as free to question and explore.  They have had the fun reamed out of them.  I like free range chicken.  It's tastier.

Oh yes, the ironies of this do not escape me.  Voted the least likely to be sane in a room full of children- that is me.  And yet I am doing a decent job handling them.  No yelling or screaming, minimal sarcasm, no one has been slain.  I'm freaking AWESOME.  At least till tomorrow.  Tomorrow are third graders.  This should be....interesting...

Okay, I  didn't really really have any expectations for Christmas.  Not many, anyway.  I expected to get a bluetooth headset for my phone, which would have set someone back maybe $30.  Which is probably only slightly more than was spent for this atrocious, 180 thread count comforter that I  wouldn't let my dog sleep on.  Alright, that's not fair.  It's not bad looking, it just  doesn't match the bedroom at all. It's too green.  Tom and Caity have not hit on the correct color combo for design.  You do not put forest green with a blue green.  Just doesn't work at all.  Anyway, I'm going to return it next week sometime, when I get the receipt back from Tom if he hasn't lost it.  Which he has, in which case I will sew a dog bed for Daisy from the thing and be done with it.

Alright, so I did have expectations.  I wanted a purse too.  A specific purse.  It cost $65.  So we're talking $100 I expected someone to spend on me for Christmas.  I don't think that's all that much.  I spent $30 on cologne for Tom.  And much more on Caity for Christmas. All I wanted was a lousy purse and a headset.  The headset could even be called a business expense, of sorts.  It's hard to answer the phone when you have your hands in clay.  Truly.

I"m done being ungrateful now.  I'm done whining.  But I do plan on telling Tom later very gently that his choice of gift for the Yule season was inappropriate for someone who has already suffered a paint job for her birthday.  I wanted something personal.  Not linens.  If 100% polyfiberfill could be considered linens.  

Okay, NOW I'm done.

I forgot....
I forgot all about this bit here.  I lost all my bookmarks one day when the power went out, so nothing is where it should be in my toolbar. It sucks the large one.  I will strive to post occasionally.  Or often even.  Whichever comes first.


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